The US-Africa Institute facilitates student recruitment and admission from Africa (and the Diaspora), serves as a student recruitment pipeline for U.S. higher education institutions, partners with African institutions, and US government agencies in Africa to create scholarship opportunities. 

Student Recruitment Program  


The Institute supports local colleges and universities' student recruitment in Africa and serves as a student recruitment pipeline from Africa and the diaspora through community outreach partnerships with local high schools, African community centers, and colleges and universities in Africa. We will also launch a student/alumni mentorship program with prospective/admitted students to increase the number of admitted students from Africa and the diaspora. We will also establish an advisory committee, community engagement liaison, and student life events to assess and combat any risks related to running the program. 

The US Africa Institute will facilitate study abroad programs to increase and improve student learning experience through cultural immersion. The US Africa Institute will also offer rich and diverse opportunities for scholarly engagement on Africa for USC students and faculty to engage with African scholars, artists, and institutions through art, film festivals, research, and academic partnership. 

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