U.S. Africa Institute is a 501(c) (3) innovative educational non-profit organization established to advance the strategic partners between the United States of America and Africa through academic partnerships, public diplomacy, trade and investment.


USAI works to ensure universal access to education across intersectional identities targeting historically disadvantaged students, including women and girls, students of disabilities, rural students, ethnic and minority students, and other marginalized groups of students.

US Africa Institute works with a historically marginalized and disadvantaged group of students in secondary and post-secondary education across intersectional identities, including disability status, sexual orientations, gender, refugee status, geographical locations, ethnic and tribal minorities, rural areas, and other vulnerable groups of students in Sub Saharan Africa countries to address educational inequities and disparities.


Vision Statement 

The vision of the US Africa Institute is to be a catalyst in transforming the African and US startegic relationship, academic and bussines landscapes. 

Mission Statement

The vision of the US Africa Institute is to build mutually beneficial US and Africa startegic partnerships though academic engagment, public diplomacy, trade and investment.