LA -Africa Sister Cities Initiative

Our Sister Cities Initiative is launched to establish to build a friendly meaningful relationship and promote cultural and citizenry diplomacy between the people of Los Angeles and other nations in Africa. The initiative sets to advance the long-term partnerships between Los Angeles and African major cities to engage with local government, non-governmental organizations, the business community, and a wide range of citizen-based volunteerism.  

As the world becomes a small village with the advancement of technology and the rapid expansion of social media usage, it is significantly important to engage communities in a meaningful way to experience cultural exchange and build a strong partnership through education, cultural visits, and trade, and investment. 

As the world diminished into a much smaller place, for communities to develop global perspectives, Sister Cities Initiatives allows Angelinos and Africans to form transnational partnerships that foster cross-cultural exchange and economic development. The initiative aims to help Angelinos and African nations to engage and develop a sense of community to better understand each other and find unique solutions to improving the quality of life of their citizens.  

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