We collaborate with the Global Commerce Forum to organize the annual Africa Energy Conference in the United States to bring academics, policymakers, and investors together to discuss investment opportunities in the energy sector in Africa. The Energy Africa Conference has developed a community of project developers, investors, funders, policymakers, service providers, and other professionals in the energy space from around the globe and Africa, to form partnerships, identify bankable projects in Africa and collaboratively fund and deploy these projects in line with the Power Africa Initiative and the United Nations Sustainability Goals. 

This two-day conference features keynote presentations, enlightening case studies, expert and practitioner lively interactive conversations, and opportunities in a virtual environment.

We hope this conference inspires you to think bigger and more broadly about the lucrative energy-related opportunities in Africa, to expand your horizons, to grow your businesses, and to help make the world a better place while doing real business. Be part of the solution.

Click here to learn more about the Africa Energy Conference: https://www.energyafricaconference.com/

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