The US-Africa Institute provides community services to the African diaspora and African American communities, supports university partnership academic and research projects, facilitates student recruitment and admission from Africa (and the Diaspora), promotes partnership between U.S. and African institutions for research and academic purposes, serve as a student recruitment pipeline for U.S. higher education institutions, partners with African institutions, and US government agencies in Africa to create internship and employment opportunities for students. 

Our Programs

Community-Based Programs 



The U.S. Africa Institute is committed to offering community services and engagement by providing community projects and social services to the African diaspora and African American communities such as immigration legal service, mental health, and education services. In doing so, the Institute will establish partnerships with local agencies and universities such as the USC School of Law, USC immigration clinic to leverage resources and meet the legal, immigration, and community service needs of the community. 

The Institute will engage local University faculty, staff, students, and community members to work in a collaborative environment to create and build a collaborative support system for the community, and offer stronger and effective integrated community services to the African diaspora and the African American communities in Los Angeles County and beyond.

U. S. - Africa University Partnership Program

The program will seek to strengthen and promote U.S. academic and research initiatives with African universities through partnerships with the US government-led program in Africa. The goal of this program is to encourage study in Africa and also to establish links with African tertiary institutions for academic programs, research, staff development, and study abroad for U.S. college students. Focus areas include promoting faculty and student exchanges, facilitating joint research projects, and development of certification programs that have Africans complete their studies in their home country. The program also intends to collaborate with the US State Department Bureau of African Affairs University Partnership Initiative which is designed to collaborate with African universities. 

U.S. Government Programs Partnership in Africa


Our program helps U.S. institutions engage in a variety of US. government-led initiatives and projects in Africa related to research, instruction, healthcare, student outreach, and other strategic partnerships and affiliations that may create an academic, internship, research, and employment opportunities for US students, faculty, and researchers. 

The Institute will be partnering with the US State Department Bureau of African Affairs to establish ILVP and Mandela Fellowship programs on local US college and university campuses, and help engages US institutions with US government Programs in Africa for an internship, job, and research opportunities for students and faculty. 

Student Recruitment Program

The Institute supports local colleges and universities' student recruitment in Africa and serves as a student recruitment pipeline from Africa and the diaspora through community outreach partnerships with local high schools, African community centers, and colleges and universities in Africa. We will also launch student/alumni mentorship program with prospective/admitted students to increase the number of admitted students from Africa and the diaspora. We will also establish an advisory committee, community engagement liaison, and student life events to assess and combat any risks related to running the program. 

The US Africa Institute will facilitate study abroad programs to increase and improve student learning experience through cultural immersion. The US Africa Institute will also offer rich and diverse opportunities for scholarly engagement on Africa for USC students and faculty to engage with African scholars, artists, and institutions through art, film festivals, research, and academic partnership. 

US-Africa Trade and Investment Forum

The US Africa Trade and Investment Forum engages with the US institutions to host summits to bring US and Africa private sectors, international investors,  multilateral stakeholders, and government leaders to engage in key investment and development sectors, network, and explore new business opportunities and advocate to shape effective US trade and investment policies towards Africa. The Institute will be partnering with government agencies, the US Chamber of Commerce, and the US Africa Trade Council. We work with trade unions and associations to provide African countries with a strong platform and excellent opportunity to exhibit and promote their products and services in the United States. We also advocate to eliminating the constraints and barriers that exist in identifying export markets for African products and help facilitate to showcase African products in the US markets. 

Sister Cities Initiative Los Angeles - Africa 


Our Sister Cities Initiative is launched to establish to build a friendly meaningful relationship and promote cultural and citizenry diplomacy between the people of Los Angeles and other nations in Africa. The initiative sets to advance the long-term partnerships between Los Angeles and African major cities to engage with local government, non-governmental organizations, the business community, and a wide range of citizen-based volunteerism.  

As the world becomes a small village with the advancement of technology and the rapid expansion of social media usage, it is significantly important to engage communities in a meaningful way to experience cultural exchange and build a strong partnership through education, cultural visits, and trade, and investment. 

As the world diminished into a much smaller place, for communities to develop global perspectives, Sister Cities Initiatives allows Angelinos and Africans to form transnational partnerships that foster cross-cultural exchange and economic development. The initiative aims to help Angelinos and African nations to engage and develop a sense of community to better understand each other and find unique solutions to improving the quality of life of their citizens.  

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