Our Programs

Teach for Africa - recruiting passionate and experienced educators who are interested in giving back to the community, & help advance educational equities in sub-Saharan Africa.
STEM and Coding Programs - aimed at bridging the digital divide, fostering critical thinking & creativity through varied hands-on STEM activities facilitated by STEM professionals to cultivate a love of STEM at an early age of students & provide them with a solid educational foundation in science, & help students get on the path to become future engineers and scientists.
English as a Second Language (ESL) - Empowering high school & college students in Niger, Ethiopia, and South Sudan through the provision of quality English as Second Language classes & programs to prepare them in their pursuit to advance academic and personal aspirations, & help them develop an appreciation for cultural diversity.
Virtual Faculty and Student Exchanges (VFSE) - currently working with California State University system to provide virtual academic support to students, and offers student and faculty exchange opportunities for students in both Africa and U.S.
Integrated Virtual Learning Support (IVLS)  - provides integrated academic support to historically disadvantaged groups of students through mentorship, tutor, and other forms of academic support. 
Racial and Gender-Based Programs - intends to empower women and girls, and facilitate webinars, panel discussion, summit, workshops & training on leading-edge topics on women and girls, gender, and sexuality.