U.S. Department of State Partnership

In Partnership with the U.S. Department of State, we facilitate deeper and more effective partnerships between African institutions of higher education and USC with a view to contributing more effectively to key priority development areas such as education and teacher training, science and technology; agriculture, environment, and natural resources; engineering; business, health, management, and economics.

Our program helps USC engage in a variety of US. government-led initiatives and projects in Africa related to research, instruction, healthcare, student outreach, and other strategic partnerships and affiliations that may create an academic, internship, research, and employment opportunities for USC students, faculty, and researchers. 

The Institute will be partnering with the US State Department Bureau of African Affairs to establish ILVP and Mandela Fellowship programs on the USC campus and promote USC-US government Programs in Africa for an internship, job, and research opportunities for USC students and faculty. 

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