U.S. College Search 

We recommend that the International Student USA School Search for all your school research needs in the U.S. If you have any feedback or ideas to improve it, please let us know.

 Uniquely Comprehensive

Many sites show you only their advertisers – schools that pay them to recruit students. We show you our advertisers too – they pay the bills – but our search includes all of the US schools that accept international students, over 3,000 colleges and universities.

 Uniquely Targeted

Some sites include many more schools, over 7,000, because they also show colleges that accept only US students. For international students all of these extra schools make the search useless – our USA School Search shows only those schools that accept international students.

 Uniquely Functional

Search our database of schools by those criteria that matter most to you: degree programs, tuition range, location, public vs. private, religious affiliation, sports conferences or many more criteria.